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Red Clay Students Learn Over the Summer

It was a busy summer in Red Clay.

Hundreds of students participated in summer programs geared for students at all levels, with a variety of needs and interests.

Whether it was learning how to read music, program a robot, or master new vocabulary words, programs were designed to give students a solid start for their next school year or to help them earn a diploma.

“Summer enrichment programs do more than give students new information,” said Superintendent Merv Daugherty. “Students who participate in summer enrichment programs begin their next school year with confidence. Our data shows that students who participated in the summer enrichment program in the 2010 pilot year improved on test scores and classroom behaviors the following year. It’s very encouraging to see students preparing for success.”
Summer programs in Red Clay this year included:


Elementary Level
In its second year, Red Clay tripled the number of seats available for the Summer Enrichment Program. More than 1,200 second-fifth graders enrolled in the month-long, voluntary program held at several schools around the district.  The stated purpose is to prepare students for their schoolwork the following year, be it literacy and mathematics, concepts and vocabulary from the fall curriculum or introducing a library technology component. The goal is to prepare students for their next school year by introducing key concepts they will be learning in class.


Middle School
Middle school students had the opportunity to attend a pilot STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Academy that offered hands-on learning activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Edward McGrath, Red Clay’s Science Coordinator, ran the academy and staged a STEM program showcase on the program’s last day, impressing parents and guests with how much their children could learn in 17 days.


Middle and High School
Middle and high school students looking to increase their musical skills over the summer could join the newly created Band Institute, which provided instrumental lessons, music theory instruction in the John Dickinson High School’s technology lab and practice for an ensemble performance. In its first year, the Band Institute gave students the opportunity to work in small groups with the district’s music teachers and prepare for the performance on July 21 for parents and guests.

Art and Academics

For students looking to mix art with academics, a summer day camp at Cab Calloway School of the Arts fit the bill. The seven-week program for kids entering third through 12th grade offered a dynamic, rewarding educational experience that brought creative skills and academic components together.


English Language Learners
ELL (English Language Learners) students were offered an English literacy program that also introduced new material. Held at three schools around the district, the purpose was to give students the opportunity to preview the next year’s curriculum and to provide some English language development.


Special Education
Red Clay’s special education schools, Richardson Park Learning Center and the Meadowood program, provide services over the summer to students who qualify for the program as agreed in an individualized education plan. The extended school year provides more instructional time to help students enhance or develop functional life skills and increase their level of independence.


Dropout Prevention
Students who fell behind during the school year can help themselves get back on track with 8th grade summer school or a High School credit recovery program that provides options to students.


“These programs were designed to help students reach their full potential,” said Dr. Daugherty. “Small class sizes allow for individual attention to each student to address specific academic needs. It’s amazing how students can accomplish in a short period of time.”

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