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Students Help Design New School


Suggestions for the next Red Clay elementary school, to be built on Graves Road, ranged from the fanciful (a water slide) to the practical (larger student lockers) when a group of fifth graders were brought together recently to be part of the design process.


As part of Red Clay’s commitment to involve the community in construction projects approved by the February 2012 capital referendum, architects and members of the district Design Team met with North Star Elementary School students for a brainstorming session in the library. 

Teachers Jennifer Minchini and Michael Matthews, members of the Design Team, thought it important for architects to hear about school design directly from students themselves. Minchini’s class was selected for the first session and another meeting will be held with Matthew’s students at Richardson Park Elementary School in the future.

"The students took the exercise very seriously," said Ted Ammann, assistant superintendent for district operations. "During discussions, they giggled a little when asking for things like a water slide or an ice cream bar. But they also had very thoughtful suggestions, like larger parking lots and lockers that can hold more equipment.  We saved their drawings and will build a school that keeps kids, and everyone,  in mind."

Community members will also have opportunities to have their say in the process,  said Dr. Ammann.  The Design Team for the new school, which includes teachers, district staff and community members, is one of several committees created specifically to increase community involvement in the capital plan, which also includes a new auditorium at Cab Calloway School of the Arts and improvements at Alexis I. duPont High School as part of the first phase.

“Red Clay is committed to involving the community throughout the entire construction process,” said Dr. Ammann.  "An open process serves us all."


For more information on capital projects, visit the Facilities section on the Red Clay website.


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