Red Clay Consolidated School District

Parents and Students



Athletic Physicals

Annual physical examinations are required for all students who participate in interscholastic sports. Examination may be performed by school or private physicians but a standard report, available from the school, must be submitted in all cases. The school retains the final authority to determine who is eligible to play. Students need only one physical for all sports unless an injury or an extended absence from school has occurred since the last examination.Exam


Attendance, Absences, and Early Dismissals

Attending school regularly and on time is the key ingredient in a child's education. Parents are legally responsible for their child's daily attendance at school. Under Delaware's truancy law, school-age children found out of school may be detained by police pending a determination of their status. In all cases of absence or tardiness, the student must bring a written excuse signed by a parent/guardian. Schools will closely monitor student attendance, and may contact parents to determine the status of a child who is not in school. Requests for early dismissal, extended absences, or to go home by other than the usual means must be made in advance by a written note signed by a parent/guardian, indicating the time, date, and reason. Permission will be granted in accordance with the policy of the school. Children in grades K-8 will be released early only when a parent or designated adult reports to the school office to sign them out.


Books and Equipment

The Red Clay Consolidated School District provides all textbooks, materials and equipment required in the instructional program for all students. Fees may be charged for supplementary materials used in projects, which become the students' personal property. Students may also be charged for the cost of lost or damaged school property, or the replacement of loaned items not returned.  Books


Drugs and Deadly Weapons

State law requires that school officials immediately call the police in any case where it is alleged that a student has in her/his possession a controlled substance or deadly weapon. If the police determine there is probable cause that the student does indeed possess such an item, school officials must press criminal charges. Possession of such items could also lead to expulsion from school under the Student Code of Conduct.


Red Clay schools conduct an active program designed to educate students about, and prevent, the abuse of drugs and alcohol.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Red Clay schools offer a variety of extra-curricular activities designed to enrich the educational program. There are intramural and interscholastic sports for all students in our middle and high schools. Bands, choruses, drama groups, and other organizations provide experiences in the performing and creative arts. Clubs offer extensions of classroom study or opportunities to develop hobbies or potential careers.


Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities to the extent that it does not distract from their regular school work.


Any questions regarding eligibility should be referred to the school principal.




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